Devron Doyno

Certified Civil Mediator

9040 Town Center Parkway • Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 • TEL: 941-518-8819 •

About Devron L. Doyno

Mr. Doyno is the President of Double D Mediation Services in Lakewood Ranch Florida. He is a Supreme Court of Florida Certified Circuit Civil and Family Mediator. He graduated Suma Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies from Kaplan University and has additional post graduate education from Florida International University earning Certification in Dispute Resolution and Consensus Building. Additionally Mr. Doyno is professionally licensed as a Florida Real Estate Broker and Community Association Manager. He has been a resident of Florida for over 30 years.

Mr. Doyno has over 30 years of skilled experience in dispute mediation, facilitation, negotiation and concensus building developed through his years of business and community management. He further is very verse in mediating issues pertaining to family, elder and guardianship matters.

Mr. Doyno understands the stress many clients may feel coming to mediation. Disputants will benefit from his profesional easy unbiased demeanor as a third party impartial neutral. Mr. Doyno views each mediation as a unique process, as each dispute and disputant presents different issues to mediate. he is committed to assisting disputants through the process of mediation as the dispute presents, by striving to ease barriers and promote open minded discussion, with the intended goal of assisting the disputants through the process, so they are afforded the best opportunity of reaching a mutually self-determined agreement.

Mr. Doyno travels throughout Florida to mediate matters, and as well as conducting mediation sessions at his office if a neutral site is required by the disputants.

Mr. Doyno also provides pre-litigation mediation services as an impartial third party neutral, when parties find themselves in dispute that may bennefit from the services of a mediator prior to commencing with formal litigation engagement.

In addition to his mediation practice, Mr. Doyno is the owner and Senior Officer of a Real Estate Brokerage and Community Association Management firm for the last 16 years. His participation within these industries have given him vast specialization knowledge of all matters pertaining to real estate, community association, litigation procedures, insurance, contracts, partnerships, banking procedures and policies, contractor and developer issues, employment and employee relations, and asset liquidations.

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