Devron Doyno

Certified Civil Mediator

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Devron L. Doyno is a full time Florida Supreme Court certified civil and family mediator, offering mediation services throughout the state of Florida.

Mr. Doyno's mediation philosophy is to challenge the disputing parties from a common-sense approach, coupled with outside the box thinking. Affording disputants the opportunity to consider the positions of both sides of the dispute, and suggesting options and solutions to overcome issues between the parties.

Mr. Doyno understands the stress many clients experience when coming to mediation. Disputants will benefit from his professional easy manner as a third party impartial neutral to put disputants at ease. Mr. Doyno is committed in assisting disputants through the mediation process, with a goal of achieving an open minded mutually self-determined resolution to settle thier dispute.

Civil Mediation

Mr. Doyno mediates all areas of circuit civil disputes and tort claims, with specialization in Real Estate, Community Association and Insurance Claim Disputes. Please view the service secton of this site for more details.

Mr. Doyno views mediation to be the best form of alternative dispute resolution for civil disputes, as it is a more cost effective method for resolving such disputes, and presents opportunity for disputants to reach a mutually self-determined resolution with the assistance of a unbiased third party neutral. In comparison to the high costs asssociated with litigating a civil dispute through the judicial system to gain resolution from the court, which will be decided by a person other than the disputant. As a seasoned negotiatior and facilitator, Mr. Doyno can guide you through the process of mediation assiting you to achieve a self-determined resolution to your civil dispute. 

Family Mediation

Mr. Doyno offers family mediation services in family dispute matters such as: Divorce, Equitable Distribution, Asset Valuation, Shared Parenting Schedules, Grandparent Disputes, Guardianship, Elder Care, Trust Disputes, and LGBTQ Disputes and Disolutions.

As a family mediator, Mr. Doyno recognizes and is sympothetic to the extreme levels of emotions presented and sufferd by those attending family mediation. He understands that besides monitary assets, there is a human factor that must be considered in family mediations. Mr. Doyno is committed to assisting family disputants through the mediation process, with a goal of easing tensions, creating a pathway for open communication, inspiring disputants to consider all options available, and aiding them to achieve an open mineded mutually self-determined resolution to settle their disputed issues.

Mr. Doyno prefers to utilize the caucus method of mediation when mediating family disputes. As he views this method as the best opportunity for family disputants to openly express and share their prespective, thoughts and ideas freely with him, while reducing anxeity, intimidation, and emotions.


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